Zema Tekstil was founded in 2001 in Istanbul for technical textile operations.

Zema Tekstil is the Europe and Turkey distributor of the Japanese company KIC related to 2- and 3-layer waterproof, breathable, high friction resistant, coated and laminated fabrics and seam sealing tapes. 

End User Products
Zema Tekstil manufactures the waterproof and windproof motorcycle clothing, civil defense search and rescue clothing, police clothing, fire department clothing, security clothing, municipal police clothing, UMKE and health personnel clothing, ambulance clothing, cold weather clothing and raincoat needed by the public and private organizations.

We also sell 2- and 3-layer thermoplastic seam sealing tapes and seam sealing tape machines.
Some of our products
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Technical textile products
The company sells and markets 2 - and 3 - layer laminated, waterproof and breathable fabrics and seam sealing tapes used in cold weather clothing, cold weather parka, jacket, special operation jacket, police jacket, police parka, motorized public order police and traffic police clothing, TDP clothing, as well as mountaineering clothing, hunting clothing, active sports outdoor and ski clothing.